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My Specialty: Everything about Contracts

Contracts are the basis of our economy, shaping rights and obligations. I help your employees figure out what they actually want in a business relationship. With a contract model describing the exchange relationships we identify issues before they arise - and propose solutions aiming for a fair balance between business partners.
As a German Lawyer I draft contract proposals with the aim of never going to court. Legal battles disrupt otherwise fruitful business activities.
With my quick understanding of technical, commercial and legal aspects of the contractual relationship in detail, I brief your management on risk / reward, propose negotiation strategies and devise appropriate arguments. Fluent in German and English I either accompany your negotiators in a predetermined role or negotiate on your behalf within the set negotiation scope.

My Skills

Legal Counsel
10+ years
IT Counsel
20+ years
Economic Counsel
8+ years
5+ years
German Lawyer
International Contracts
Software Licenses
IP Monetization Systems
Law Firm Coordination
Cloud Service Terms of Use
Software License Agreements
Frame Agreements
Distribution and Resale Agreements
Development Agreements
Contract Manufacturing
Manufacturing Licenses
Distribution Agreements
Agile vs Employee Lending

Contract Management Systems
OCR Toolchains
Document Workflow
Document / Data Automation
Radio based IoT
Distributed Ledgers
Smart Metering Systems
E-Learning Systems

Management Advice
Company Building
Company Growth Management
IP Monetization Concepts
Tender Risk/Reward Assessment
GDPR Compliance

Contract Negotiation
Contract Mediation
Amicable Claim Settlement
Lobbying Support

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Rechtsanwalt F. Gottschling
Rossertstr. 2
D-60323 Frankfurt am Main

Statutory information pursuant to ยง 5 TMG

Having successfully passed the second State examination in law, Florian Gottschling has been granted the right to use the title "Rechtsanwalt". Florian Gottschling is member of the Frankfurt Bar Association.

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